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The first steps in becoming significant members of society
Free play builds the fabric of our civilization and it is where independence and interdependence is learned. Play is one of the ways children experience how values, beliefs and traditions are transformed into ways of life. In these environments, children’s motor skill development expands. Play areas are a wonderful environment for children and adults to share and benefit from each other's presence.

Play opportunities are inclusive
Play is about motion and discovery at many different levels. It is meaningful for all ages and at all levels of abilities.

Play areas with character engage all of us and provide for opportunities of personal growth and the development of a sense of self worth. It is in these moments that are occasions for teaching and learning to occur. Our society is enriched when we have access to engaging environments.

The continuum in life
Play is of great significance in the development of one’s motor skills. Without developing these basic skills our children will struggle to develop higher-level skills such as:
  • Developing eye hand co-ordination (information processing);
  • Tracking objects (reading);
  • Balancing (focusing and tasking)

By improving coordination, we facilitate information processing (reading, writing, and mathematics). Likewise in passing to the autumn of our lives; maintaining and strengthening these same skills improves the quality of our lives.

Adults need active play; as we age we begin to lose our peripheral vision. Our vision directly impacts our sense of balance, thus we reduce the number one cause of injury to seniors – falling.

Great play areas may challenge us physically, benefit us emotionally while at the same time affect a combination of senses; hearing, smelling, sight and touch.

Planning Your Playground

The Jennings Company
offers a full service design playground package that allows clients to plan their entire playground project including concept, design, construction and installation. Our knowledgeable children's playground equipment consultants advise our clients on everything from budget to safety and offer creative suggestions on how to design an attractive, fun and stimulating play environment including all the amentitiess (surfacing,drinking fountains, shelters, benches and waste receptacles). Almost any budget can be met using a variety of surfacing, site options,and alternative purchasing programs (leasing, phasing or fundraising).

Your budget should include the following categoriess during the planning stage:

                     -Play Equipment and freight to your site 
                     -Site Preparation 

Play equipment cost is a direct function of the size of your play area and how much play value you wish to incorporate into your site. We can assist you in determining both equipment and freight costs.

Site preparation can vary greatly depending on your location, the amount of grading, excavation, or general site work that is necessary to prepare a level site for your play equipment.

Surfacing, according to ASTM and CPSC standards, every playground must have a resilient surface. Costs can vary greatly from inexpensive materials such as sand, pea gravel, or certified pre-engineered wood fiber, to more costly materials like rubber tiles or poured in place rubber surfacing.

Assessing Your Needs:
Answer these questions prior to contacting us to allow us to better assist you. It will help you make informed decisions about your playground, ensuring a fun and safe environment for your children and a project that is on budget and on time.

  • How big should our new playground be to accommodate our needs?

      The size of any new play area is usually determined by balancing 
      the available space, the number of children who will be using the 
      equipment at a given time and the project budget.

  • How many children will be using the playground at any one time? What are the ages?

      Be sure the play area is designed for use by the proper age 
      group. Both the CPSC and ASTM have established specific 
      safety guidelines for children ages 2-5, and 5-12. It is 
      recommended that separate play areas be created for each 
      age group with age-appropriate equipment for each.

  • What special needs or disabilities should be considered?

      ADA guidelines mandate that portions of all new playgrounds 
      be accessible to children with disabilities. We can assist you 
      in meeting all requirements of the law.

  • What local codes or requirements must be considered in the planning?

      What local codes or requirements must be considered in the 
      planning? What underground utilities, pipelines, etc. must be 

  • Do you have existing playground equipment you would like to keep or have removed?

      Has the equipment that you want to keep been audited to 
      current standards and guidelines? If the audit shows upgrades 
      are necessary to meet ASTM/CPSC standards, have you 
      factored this into your budget? Have you factored removal 
      costs into your budget for the existing equipment you do not 
      want to keep or can’t be upgraded to current standards?

  • What are the exact dimensions and shape of the play area?

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